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Teachers' Resources

Please click below to open and save 2Hands' Clay in the Classroom resources — refer to your 2Hands confirmation e-mail for the password (please contact us if you need a reminder).  Simply download, open and then print and copy the resources you'd like to use for your class! Each set includes:

1 colouring sheet

2 activity sheets

Parent letter with authorization

Teacher Prep Tips

Container reminder slips for parents

Container activity

Student clay preparation templates (2Hands will let you know which one to print)


We're looking forward to our session!


- Starter Pack (Student Letter, Classroom Prep) -

- Clay in the Classroom Adventure -

- Valentine's Clay Day -

- Easter Clay Day -

- Mother's Day Clay Day -

- Father's Day Clay Day -

- Halloween Clay Day -

- Christmas Clay Day -

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Clay for everyone — we come to you!