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Seniors and Special Needs

Seniors and Special Needs clay sessions are a terrific venue for groups to gather and visit in a relaxing, creative environment. Share ideas, experiment with shape and colour, and experience the joy of seeing your vision take shape. These sessions are designed especially for small-to-large groups, are also an excellent alternative for therapeutic providers looking for joyful, tactile-visual and fine motor activities.

They were amazed at the finished products and found it hard to believe that they had actually made the bowls.  Glad we took a lot of pictures when they were making the bowls...

Session Details

These clay sessions are perfect for...

...adult community groups, at-home gatherings, seniors' centres, and OTs and other professional therapeutic providers.



...an on-site session, clay, paints, sculpting tools and kiln firing.

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Clay for everyone — we come to you!