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Clay for everyone — we come to you!


Here is a list of the most popular questions we hear at 2Hands. If you have any other questions, please contact us.

  • What type of clay do you use?

    2Hands uses premium, all-natural earthenware clay.

  • How does the clay dry and harden?

    The clay dries and harden in a kiln. A kiln is a special oven for baking clay, and other artistic creations.

  • Where do clay sessions take place?

    All 2Hands clay session take place on-site — we come to you!

  • How do we get colour on our clay creations?

    You paint your clay creations while it's wet! 2Hands provides a special under-glaze paint.

  • How long does it take to get sculptures back?

    It typically takes about 3 weeks for creations to be prepared, kiln-fired and ready for return.

  • Do you clay wheels?

    No, 2Hands is uses and teaches hand-modeling sculpting techniques.

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Clay for everyone — we come to you!