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Kids' Parties and Groups

Adventures clay sessions are super fun, super creative activities for the little ones in your world! Children use their own fingers to transform ideas into colourful creations — along with the opportunity to experience the joy of seeing their creations unveiled! From turtles, to pinch pots, piggies, to owls, Adventures are the perfect entertainment for birthday parties, kids' camps, daycares and community children's groups. Adventures are designed for small-to-large groups.

Thanks again for making my daughter's birthday such a hit. Afterwards,  she gave me a big hug and said: "Thanks for the best birthday ever!!"

Session Details

These sessions are the perfect entertainment for...

...birthday parties, kids' camps, daycares and children's community groups like Scouts and Guides.



...an on-site session, clay, paints, sculpting tools and kiln firing.

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2Hands Logo

Clay for everyone — we come to you!